Electronic Banking

Tony Kidson tony at morgan.demon.co.uk
Thu Nov 26 01:30:46 PST 1992

In message <9211252219.AA00550 at netcom.netcom.com> you write:
> Warning! Recently, a bunch of bowlers (women, no less) were busted for
> illegal gambling because of their "pot" they were bowling for. After
> much public outcry and laughter at the authorities, the charges were
> either dropped or reduced. I mention this because casual bowlers evoke
> sympathy, hackers and cypherpunks do not.

Using the net, the 'banker' could easily be 'offshore' and not 
subject to US law in these matters. After all the internet 
reaches into Canada and obviously (from my point of view) to the 
UK.  I think a more real problem with anonymous banking, is not 
one of 'trust' in the 'banker' but in his net access. What do you 
do when your banker, for whatever reason, becomes unreachable?


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