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Bob Stratton strat at
Tue Nov 24 18:16:51 PST 1992

Hi all,

After Tim's stirring message about the use of the list, I couldn't help but 
drop a line to the list myself.

I'm yet another person interested in Mac implementations of PGP, and 
encrypted mailers. I work for a Macintosh software company as a developer, 
but have spent most of the last several years working with big machines, so I 
haven't picked up all of the bad habits that I see Macs furthering across the 
Net. (Most of these have to do with writing unportable code, as if no other 
manufacturers' hardware matters.)

I'm also sort a mailer weenie, so this talk of encrypted mailers has me quite 
interested. I've started studying more of the fundamentals (I've only read 
David Kahn's book, back in 8th grade, which was a while ago :-) I'm 
especially interested in the MIME/PEM issues, and fervently request coredumps 
from anyone who's been following those to date. 

My company (which I DO NOT speak for) develops TCP/IP based communications 
software for the Mac, so needless to say, a nice RSA-encrypted Mac mailer 
could fall within our purview. My company is also very interested in privacy 
issues. In point of fact, the VP of Engineering and I recently addressed a 
Virginia state assembly subcommittee for purposes of having them remove SSNs 
from driver's licenses.. (YAY!)

I'm new to tbe Mac world, but not the mailer world. I shall try to be a 
resource for this list's work. There's another person here who's also 
interested in the GUI design for a new Mac incarnation of PGP. 

I see a couple of possible UI features:

 - Live folders, for drag and drop en/decryption

 - Encryption to/from the clipboard (which is basically what I'm doing now, 
	except through intermediate files)

 - An  MPW tool implementation, with pipes. (I suspect that I'd use this 
	mostly for testing the 'engines')

I want to reiterate the sentiment posted by several to KEEP THINGS PORTABLE. 
I know it's not chic for a Mac developer to say that, but so be it.

Bob Stratton     Engineer, InterCon Systems Corp.     <strat at>
+1 703 709 5525
"The Constitution's not perfect, but it's a damn sight better than what we 
have now."

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