Hackers, Crackers

anthrax at cow.com anthrax at cow.com
Fri Nov 13 09:57:45 PST 1992

Let's cut out this elitist "crackers" crap altogether.  
It's just a little bit too PlaySkool, a little bit too 
"_I'm_ not a third grader!  I'm a _fourth grader_!"  The people
who put so much energy into advertising how they're different
tend not to know what the fuck they're talking about, in 
my experience.

Pardon, but isn't 2600 magazine a magazine by crackers for crackers?
Beep.  Sorry.  Thank you for playing.
2600 is named after frequency of the disconnect tone used in blue
boxes, isn't it?
2600 is named after the frequency of the disconnect signal used in
the telephone system for several decades.  But so what?
Doesn't PGP violate patent laws (or surely come pretty close)?  Why
would you want to be associated with PGP and its use, then?

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