Mac PGP - Some comments

John Draper crunch at
Thu Nov 12 03:03:12 PST 1992

   I seem to be having problems using the Mac version of PGP,  in that
when I type ANY character into it,  I just get a "beep".   Is there
some other thing I have to do to get this thing to work?    I also
want to start building by public key ring so I can learn how to use
this puppie,  but I am concerned with possible legal problems in
using this to communicate with my friends.   According to the disclaimer,
PGP is "contraband"?    Will I get the "thought police" busting down
my door for using it?

    Is anyone working on a Mac version that is more Mac'ish?   Like
putting in a nice Mac like GUI for key management.    It would be nice
if it had a pub (or private) "key list" in an editable scrollable list.

    The Mac version in "" appears with just a 
"cheapie" console window that behaves like I described above.    If I
had source code,   I could "wrap it" in a nice Object oriented GUI
and maintain the file format for the keys.

    Thanx Eric for the Email address for Zbigniew Fiedorowicz.   

    Has anyone contacted Zbigniew relating to the Mac port?   It appears
to have some problems,   but time limitations has prevented me from
fiddling with it tonight.    I think I might actually have access to the
Nets tommorrow,   so I'll be "on-line".


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