Miron's Remailer

Edgar W. Swank edgar at spectrx.saigon.com
Mon Dec 28 00:54:14 PST 1992


I tried Miron Cuperman's remailer, which requires encrypted input.
I noted happily that my automatic signature did not echo back, because
it was not part of the encrypted text.

I was going to ask how this effected ARA, but Miron has already
recognized this problem and proposed a solution.

Except for messages to be posted to newsgroups or sent to lists,
message bodies are likely to be encrypted with the public key
of the recipient. Certainly anyone sending or posting an ARA
should also post an "anonymous" public key for the body of the
reply. (An anonymous public key is just a key with some nom de
plume in the User ID field).

Another topic: signed plaintext.  Miron's signed plaintext failed
the signature check here.  This is probably because my editor
eliminates trailing blanks. Someone here pointed out that
a trailing blank in a blank line may be introduced by an
ASCII upload. Until PGP is fixed to eliminate trailing blanks
in text, I may have another solution.

The editor on this WAFFLE system has an ability to UPLOAD files
using (for example) ZMODEM. I have modified the Telix SLT file I
use so I have a choice of ASCII or Zmodem upload. Proof of pudding
is in eating.  Check the signature on this upload, which contains
several blank lines.  I will be checking with you when I get the
echo back.

Version: 2.1


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