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Yanek Martinson yanek at
Tue Dec 22 10:59:24 PST 1992

If you want to order the book Peter posted about, call 800 678 4333,
press 1, then ask for Contemporary Cryptology book by Simmons.  

It's $79.95 (+$6 s/h).  Probably less if you are a member of IEEE.

I am in no way associated with IEEE Press, I just ordered the
book, and wanted to make it simple for anyone else who wants to.

(I ftp'd an info file from, got a non-800 phone number,
called, was transfered and put on hold for x number of times, until
someone was able to give me the above 800 number that can be used
to order their publications.  I didn't want everyone to have 
to do this).

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