Encrypting Remailer Logs

Yanek Martinson yanek at novavax.nova.edu
Tue Dec 22 07:11:12 PST 1992

> that the best way to secure the remailer logs is to encrypt them.
> which raises a sticky point, since i don't see an easy way to do that
> see is to enter a password at boot time (or when the remailer is started).

There is an easier way.  Just generate a public/private key pair.  Store
the public key on the machine, and have the remailer encrypt its logs
with the public key.  Someone seizing the machine could not find anything,
since they do not have the private key.

Store the private key on another machine, or on a floppy.  When there's
a problem, you can transfer the encrypted log to the machine with the
private key, and then you can decrypt the log to see what went wrong.

Generate a new key pair weekly, and destroy the old private key.  You
should never need logs older than a week for troubleshooting.


> > Unix weenies of old will recall "clri" to clear an inode. ...
> > -- so why not just write a little C program ...
> u.w.o.o. often go to great lengths to avoid writing a few lines of c,

So how about a few lines of perl?  

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