Destroying Data (Re: Remailer Policies)

Peter Shipley shipley at tfs.COM
Mon Dec 21 17:07:02 PST 1992

>> not quite.  you need something like
>>   dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/xxx bs=verybig conv=sync
>Unix weenies of old will recall "clri" to clear an inode.  If paranoia is in
>effect, try something like the following:
>ls -li remailer-log or whatever to get the i-node number,
>clri /dev/sdxx #_of_i-node

this will zero out the inode it also does NOT clear the data blocks
just the inode pointers to the data blocks. infact if you do this.

(this you *will* need to umnount and fsck your
system [or reboot if you did this to you root partition]).
in fact if you do this with out deleteing the file first you run a good
chance of crashing the system.

normaly I would say "do not try this at home" but then I would rather
you shot yourself in the foot at home (as opposed to shooting yourself
and who ever is on a public system)

I will post some C/Perl code that will work as a /bin/rm replacement in a
few days.


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