Remailer Policies

David Clunie dclunie at
Sat Dec 19 14:50:47 PST 1992

> I would like to expand on Hal's suggestion that remailer operators
> post their policies on a)keeping logs and b) divulging same.

The anonymous mailing system at pax has the following policy:

  - A log of activities of the remailing software is maintained when
    debugging is in progress (often) which could be used to correlate
    real identities with aliases - this is no more or less information
    than is available in the alias database which is not visible to
    anyone except the root user. Message-id's are NOT stored in this log,
    and the contents of messages and posts are NOT stored anywhere, nor
    are they scrutinized by me or anyone else. I don't care and I don't
    want to know. If someone does something unreasonable and I get
    complaints then I could lock out a particular source of mail if
    I didn't get a good explanation, but I am not going to go reading
    other peoples mail in order to censor it !

  - Under no circumstance short of being arrested and/or the equipment
    commandeered by someone else will the alias database be divulged
    or the contents or routes of messages deliberately intercepted.


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