The Wheel

Jeffrey P Wendt wendtj at jplpost.Jpl.Nasa.Gov
Fri Dec 18 14:18:16 PST 1992

          Has anyone built there own TEMPEST reciever/antenna
          equipment?  I have seen articles that say that you can
          use old television sets, and that you can build more
          advanced TEMPEST unit for a hundred dollars.  This seems
          akin to the carburator that will give you 200 mpg, and
          plans for a particle beam cannon in the back of some zines.

          If this is so cheap and easy or cheaper-quicker-better
          (NASA-Goldin-TQM propoganda), then why haven't we seen an
          article/articles on the construction of a TEMPEST reciever
          and the associated tuning/specs on such an item.

          Is it possible, or nothing more than snake oil?


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