So you want a wide-spectrum signal analyzer ?

Tim Pozar pozar at
Fri Dec 18 08:28:39 PST 1992

Richard Childers wrote:
> 	These capabilities allow spectrum analyzers to provide frequency-
> 	domain signal analysis for numerous applications, including the
> 	manufacture and maintenance of microwave communication links, radar,
> 	telecom equipment, CATV systems, and broadcast equipment ; EMI
> 	diagnostic testing ; and signal surveillance.
> ( I can't believe they actually said that. Gee, I wonder if They're going
>   to classify test & measurement equipment next. )-:
   We use them all the time to track down pirate stations and wierd
emissions (spurs, harmonics...).  BTW... If you have an O-Scope that has
X-Y inputs, it isn't that difficult to design and build a low-end, front-end 
for the scope that will provide the same functions as a spectrum analyzer.

> I'm not encouraging you to spoof these folks, merely noting that it is a
> regrettable necessity. If you don't present yourself as a prospect, they
> may blow you off, and if you give any hint that you don't represent some
> sort of company, you are sure to be blown off, presumed to be a waste of
> their time. ( Of course, this posting may lead to three or four analyzers,
> $ 100-200 thousand worth of sales, but try to persuade a salescritter of
> this. :-)

   I think they partially do this 'cause the catalogs are so bloody
expensive to produce.  They are an education if you get one.


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