TEMPEST/Van Eyck data

Mark mark at coombs.anu.edu.au
Fri Dec 18 01:16:11 PST 1992

From: strat at intercon.com (Bob Stratton)

>It's weird stuff, and some people would rather not have the world
>learning how to do this. In fact, Van Eck's original article is known
>to have some deliberate misinformation in it, as the author didn't
>want to make it "too easy" to learn how to do this kind of ELINT.

Ever realised that some things come along that just tickle your curiosity
nerve and you wont let go until your satisfied? Im sure there are
individuals and organisations out there that would love an excuse to shut
down lists of this type, especially considering the type of information and
the implications in the not too distant future if people start implementing
half the concepts that are presented here.

I would like to see indepth technical information, or at least pointers to
said information presented here. Does anyone know of mailing lists out there
that concentrate on levels of computer emissions and methods of diminishing
them to negliable amounts?

Where would one obtain copies of articles on the subject? I have saved the
article posted by treason at gnu as it does contain a lot of references which
give one something to go on. I commend him for posting it for it's
informational content. It wasnt his fault it may have contained obselete or
inaccurate information.

So, anyone have lists of books, periodicals, email lists or papers that 
discuss the topic of computer RF emissions and how to protect a machine
*AND* monitor the levels of others? 

mark at coombs.anu.edu.au

P.S. That NASA guy had better watch for list members waiting for the postie
	 so they can collect the goodies before he can :)

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