abusing the system?

E. Dean Tribble tribble at xanadu.com
Thu Dec 17 17:40:08 PST 1992

	 Date: Thu, 17 Dec 92 17:33 CDT
	 X-Vms-To: IN%"cypherpunks at toad.com"

					 I realise that this is probably not important in the overall scheme of
	 things... but I am curious about what can be done to reduce such potential

You will be happy to know that solving that problem will be extremely
important (probably even in the short term).  We need a positive
reputation system (kill files filter against negative reputations) so
that you only see mail messages by people who have a reputation for
valuable postings.

I rambled about this topic at the last cypherpunks meeting.  I will be
posting my notes in an effort to get feedback and organizational help
from the people on the list (it will be a few days, however).

The content will eventually be organized into something that I hope
will spread.


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