SS&S response to TEMPEST inf0 request

Jeffrey P Wendt wendtj at jplpost.Jpl.Nasa.Gov
Thu Dec 17 12:50:22 PST 1992

          About 30 minutes after I got off the phone requesting
          product information and related materials, I recieved a
          voice mail message from Ray Helsop of SS&S.  When I
          returned his call, he informed me that the address that I
          gave looked like a residential address (Hmmm), and that they
          usually don't send information to private homes, apts,
          bird-baths, e.t.c.

          He then informed me that he had called my employer
          (the Junior Proletarian Laboratory), and varified my name in
          the directory, and the department that I worked in; and that
          since I work for a Federal Research Facility (DoD sinkhole)
          everything was `ok'.

          He then proceded to tell me about foreigners calling the
          company requesting TEMPEST information, and other "spooky"
          callers, and that it was now allright to send the
          product information to my home.

          After I told him my interests in the hardware, he ran down
          a list of avilable equipment, and asked about numbers,
          requirements, and said he'd send it right out to me.

          I hate to be presumptuous... but I think an "I'm trying to
          protect my personal computer from prying eyes" would fall on
          very deaf ears at SS&S, and I'll leave it at that. ;-)


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