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Richard Childers rchilder at
Thu Dec 17 12:45:34 PST 1992

> and they give free samples ;-))

"Great.  Now does anyone know of where to get equipment to test how
 effective it is?  "

I'd guess that virtually any hardware lab that has to test its equipment
to make sure it meets FCC criteria for minimal emissions, would have a
test lab onsite.

Such a test lab normally consists of the following :

	- a very wide frequency range analyzer ( HP makes these )
	- a set of antennas by which to sample the EMF field(s)
	- a platform adjacent to the antenna mount, upon which
		such equipment as is being tested, is rotated,
		to allow the antenna to sample the entire 360-
		-degree field at incremented altitudes and var-
		-iable angles in incidence.

Those test labs I've been acquainted with are usually found at a distance
from production facilities, usually small outbuildings in fields out back,
insulated by distance from the EMF of the surrounding buildings. I can see
how this paper might make it possible to move the lab back indoors ...

To answer your question specifically, I'd check a HP electronic test products
catalog, with an emphasis on signal/frequency/harmonic analyzers.

-- richard

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