TEMPEST not restricted

Yanek Martinson yanek at novavax.nova.edu
Thu Dec 17 10:34:01 PST 1992

"Treason" writes:

> Here is parts of the article I posted regarding the legality of the use
> of emf shielding.  
> PERRY, now I put up, now YOU SHUT UP!
> sheesh.
> treason at gnu.

The article you posted is at least 3 years old, if not older.  I have not
checked on the legal references quote in the article, but I called up
Wayne Martin of Lindgren RF Enclosures, and asked him about this.  He
said that he was not restricted to selling TEMPEST equipment to military
or government only, and suggested that if I am looking for TEMPEST-compliant
computers, I should call up a computer manufacturer like IBM or Digital,
and they would be able to sell such systems to me.

Maybe things have changed in the last three years since the article was 
written, or maybe it was incorrect to begin with.  

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