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Lindgren RF Enclosures
400 Gigh Grove Blvd.
Glendale Heights, IL 60139

Contact: Wayne Martin
FAX: 708-307-7571

"LT" Series Shielding System is a complete line of modular enclosures,
equipment cabinets and custom enclosures available in virtually all
shielding materials.  The system features exclusive Double Electrically
Isolated construction for maximum attenuation.  All enclosures are fully
tested and guaranteed.  Aplication assistance available.

Secure Systems & Services
Div. of The R/H Factor Corp.
13990 Goldmark Dr., Ste.401
Dallas, TX 75240

Contact: Ray Helsop
FAX: 214-669-9160

TEMPEST Products, Systems & Services are for Military/Industrial firms
concerned with threat of information security and protection by [sic]
electronic eavesdroppoing; also commercial EMI/RFI, reduced emissions
products.  We provide TEMPEST service and support, data encryption,
F.I.S.A. Facility Information Security Assessment Studies, site planning,
installation design, facility upgrades, etc.

International Paper Co.
Longmeadow Rd.
Tuxedo, NU 10987

Contact: Larry Fahy


International Paper provides a unique wallcovering that prevents
electromagnetic interference (EMI), wireless electronic espionage, and
other forms of electromagnetic eavesdropping.  The new wallcovering, a
composite structure that incorporates a nonwoven mat of metallic fibers,
has been TEMPEST-tested by the U.S. government and can achieve attenuation
levels over 100dB.  The material, which eliminates the added costs of
"hardening" or adding protective shielding to individual pieces of
electronic equipment, is being used both in primary applications and to
upgrade facilities to higher levels of protection.  It also provides a way
to plug EMI leaks quickly and effectively.  Unlike woven or sheet metal,
which typically require gutting entire rooms, this flexible, lightweight
material goes up as quickly as wallpaper.  No special tools are needed, and
downtime is minimal.

Transaction Security, Inc.
21 Industrial Ave.
Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458

Contact: O. Mark Hastings

Steel TEMPEST-type enclosures for any size computer hardware.

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