tempest devices and use

treason at gnu.ai.mit.edu treason at gnu.ai.mit.edu
Wed Dec 16 10:18:50 PST 1992

     For those who are interested in tempest devices and such...

It is currently legal to create/buy and use tempest devices for any citizen
under any circumstances.  It is also legal to sell such devices, with the exception of selling to non US citizens and governments.  This is the good news.

The bad news is:

It is illegal to use any device as a tempest shield, including lead, 
tesla coils or any other materials that can possibly interfere with tempest
reception!  You need a government license to use these, and then you must have 
reason to have such a device(this is how banks can use such things.)

I have a few tempests, one with a range of about 200 yards using aricraft
vdo's.  If anyone wants a file discussing the legal issues of the tempest,
please ask, and I'll forward it here.

treason at gnu

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