Marc.Ringuette at GS80.SP.CS.CMU.EDU Marc.Ringuette at GS80.SP.CS.CMU.EDU
Mon Dec 14 19:04:59 PST 1992

> It relies on there being at least one operator who won't reveal
> his logs.  If one of your bounces happens to be through your own
> remailer, you can guarantee this.

Let's be clear on exactly how useful it is to route your messages
through your own remailer.  It's not as useful as it first appears.

If the Awful Nasties convince all of the remailers downstream of yours
to give up their logs, they trace the message back to your machine.
You then might choose to say, "Hey man, it wasn't my message, it was
just my remailer.  And I'm not giving you the logs."

But if you're going to use this excuse, you needn't really have routed
your message through your remailer at all; you just need to be operating
a remailer and routinely refuse to divulge its logs.

-- Marc Ringuette (mnr at

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