Eli Brandt ebrandt at jarthur.Claremont.EDU
Mon Dec 14 13:18:36 PST 1992

> Eric Hollander has been creating a list of remailers;
> perhaps he could solicit this kind of information from the operators
> and publish it along with the remailer addresses and keys.

(Hey, everybody send your remailer information in!)

I have been deleting the logs every so often, unread since I debugged
the remailer.  If someone asks me if their message made it, I'll look
at them.  If someone gives me evidence of blackmail or the like, I'll
look at them.  Otherwise, to the bit bucket they go.

As usual, you should encrypt your message if you want it to be secure.
This is a multi-user system.  Furthermore, I may read the remail logs
from time to time as I tweak the software.  (eg add PGP, if I can fix
the "keygen error"...)

It may be worth pointing out that this gives me a plausible reason to
stonewall if someone comes asking about something *I* sent through my

> Hal

   Eli   ebrandt at

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