A minor experimental result

Liam David Gray lg2g+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Mon Dec 14 10:32:18 PST 1992

Excerpts from Cypherpunks: 13-Dec-92 A minor experimental result by
Timothy C. May at netcom.com:
> * Multiple bounces help, even without encryption, as then the remailer
> sysop can't be sure who originated the message.


    Please tell me if this makes sense:

    If I wanted to be obnoxious, I could set myself up as a remailer,
then screen all incoming messages to see whether they came from other
known remailers.  If not, then I can archive the message, have a look at
it, and maybe compromise the original sender.

    Is this so?

    In this case, everyone wanting to use a remailer should in principle
*own* a remailer, and you'd probably want your own to be the first
remailer.  Then, to avoid compromise of the recipient, maybe you'd want
yours to be the last remailer.  So why not use your own remailer

    To take this to an extreme, set up a remailer and then use this
*all* the time for the mail you originate.  Does this gain you anything?

    Just curious.  I'm new on the list and might be missing something. 
Thanks in advance for replies from anyone.

Liam Gray

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