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DrZaphod ncselxsi!drzaphod at ncselxsi.netcom.com
Mon Dec 14 10:31:47 PST 1992

     Here's a quote I snagged off an h/p bbs... thought it was particularly
true of cipher-technology as well as computing in general.

As life moves to this electronic frontier, politicians and corporations are
starting to exert increasing control over the new digital realm, policing
information highways with growing strictness. Before we even realise we're
there, we may find ourselves boxed into a digital ghetto, denied simple
rights of access, while corporations and government agencies make out their
territory and roam free. So who will oppose the big guys? Who's going to
stand up for our digital civil liberties? Who has the techno-literacy
necessary to ask a few pertinent questions about what's going down in
cyberspace? Perhaps the people who have been living there the longest might
have a few answers.

-Mark Bennett
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