Questions about US/Canadian Laws about public encryption

Mark mark at
Thu Dec 10 17:31:26 PST 1992

On a discussion of devices one can attach to a phone line to encrypt
your comms:

rcain at (Robert Cain) writes:

>There may be U.S. national security
>laws broad enough to stop a potential seller of such a device and I
>have been told that under such laws (of which I know little by definition)
>a stop order can be issued by a court which you must obey but can't even
>open because it carries a top secret seal and furthermore you cannot even
>discuss it without looking at Leavenworth.  So it is entirely possible that
>hidden laws exist to prevent sale of such devices, have been used and we
>would not know it under the umbrella of U.S. national security. 

So much for "ignorance of the law is no excuse". They want it both ways?
Secret laws and you obeying them? Sounds like the rules my roomies make up
as we play any board game. (aka cheating :)

mark at

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