'token exchange' market in Arizona

Marc.Ringuette at GS80.SP.CS.CMU.EDU Marc.Ringuette at GS80.SP.CS.CMU.EDU
Thu Dec 10 11:03:58 PST 1992

I participated in SFI's "Double Auction Tournament" a couple of years
ago, placing second.  Computer programs participated in a stock market
game, with individual buyers and sellers competing with each other to
make profit from fictional tokens.  The emphasis of the contest was on
computer trading strategies, not on monetary systems or computer

This new "token exchange" sounds like a continuation of the original
contest in which there will be an opportunity to compete and refine
strategies over a longer term.  It will probably be run from a central
server with minimal concern over security; these are economists
interested in stock market systems, not computer security people.

In the original contest, there was a prize pool of $10,000 divided
among the 30 contestants, with no contestant winning more than about
$500.  It seems likely that they'll have a similar bankroll for this
one, as an inducement for people to compete.

-- Marc Ringuette (mnr at cs.cmu.edu)

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