Re Anonymous address problems etc

Alan Hunter a.hunter at
Tue Dec 8 14:56:40 PST 1992

On Mon, 7 Dec 92 16:59:12 PST, (Hal Finney) ghsvax!hal at wrote:
> On the digital cash issue - I think we should get some kind of
> implementation of digicash (oops, "electronic money") out for people
> on the list to play with.  Then, we should think of some kind of
> experimental email-based game to play which would use the special
> characteristics of anonymous cash.  Maybe we could use the remailers,
> too.  Players would send cash back and forth to each other as part of
> the game.  Even if the tools are sort of rough at first, this could
> show where the most work is needed.
> Can anyone think of a good kind of game that we could play? 

How about making cypherpunks a subscription mailing list, and paying


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