Anonymous address problems, etc.

Eli Brandt ebrandt at jarthur.Claremont.EDU
Mon Dec 7 22:12:22 PST 1992

> money.  He suggested "cryps".  I thought of "emoney" or "ecash" by
> analogy to "email".  Here's another one: "crydets", based on
> "credits".  Or maybe we should call them "Chaums".

I passed over "emoney" et al, because I thought they just sounded
lousy.  Too brute-force... "crydets" I like, though.  BTW, it was
"cryp", like "scrip".  Any further suggestions before the RFD?  :-)

Does anyone have a current contact for Chaum, or maybe know the
fellow, in order to ask him how, well, PKP he's going to be about
the whole thing?

> Hal

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