another remailer (again?)

nobody at nobody at
Mon Dec 7 21:45:33 PST 1992

Yes, it's the second remailer I've set up today.  Gee, at this rate, I'll
have the entire CPU power of the United States dedicated to remailing
within four months.

Just do the usual thing:

mail hh at with the header line Anon-To: or
Request-Remailing-To: and the remailer does the rest.  cicada and pmantis
have been able to compile pgp201 and so they will soon have encrypted
remailer capability.  They will also soon be running pgp21 (as soon as I get
a chance to compile that).  They are very fast machines, so I will probably
give them military grade keys.  They are also very secure machines.

It's too bad about not being able to use the ocf, but those machines are
slow anyway and probably wouldn't be able to run pgp ever.  My soda remailer
should be running pgp fairly soon.  And I have 1-3 remailing sites almost
ready to go, probably coming on sometime next week.  And hughes is working
on another remailer at soda, a really fancy one.

Have fun everyone!


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