Just in case you haven't heard (PGP 2.1 released)

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Dec 7 19:49:44 PST 1992


PGP 2.1 Available
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Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Version 2.1 is now available, from Europe. 
This new version of the world's most popular and politically
controversial public key encryption program has numerous bug fixes
over version 2.0, and several new features.  

For example, you can now display the MD5 hash of a public key, to
facilitate verifying it over the telephone with the owner of that
public key.  Also, it is now possible to send via email an
unencrypted signed message without putting the whole message in
Radix-64 format, to make it possible to read without PGP.  This is
analogous to the PEM MIC-CLEAR signed message functionality.

PGP 2.1 incorporates many patches from the user community to port it
to more platforms.  And it runs faster.  Also, a lot of annoying bugs
and ergonomic oversights have been fixed.  PGP 2.0 fans will find
many rough edges have been smoothed out.

The filenames are pgp21.zip for the MSDOS executable release, and
pgp21src.zip for the source code release.  You must have PKUNZIP
version 1.1 or later to unzip them, or they won't unzip.  The primary
initial FTP sites that have it are:

Finland:    nic.funet.fi  (
            Directory: /pub/unix/security/crypt/

Italy:      ghost.dsi.unimi.it  (
            Directory: /pub/security/

As previously, this prohibited and politically popular program will
probably propagate through the same channels as PGP 2.0.  Of course,
if you live in the USA, you really shouldn't be using it.

If you have any questions about where else to get it, contact Hugh
Miller, at hmiller at lucpul.it.luc.edu.  Hugh can send you the latest
evolving list of FTP sites, BBS phone numbers, and other sources.

Philip Zimmermann
Phil's Pretty Good Software

Version: 2.1


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