nobody at nobody at
Sat Dec 5 19:21:20 PST 1992

Remailers are proliferating!  Several more will be coming on line soon!

Two thoughts:

Remailers should keep a directory of other remailers, along with their
keys.  They should, at random intervals, send messages to other remailers,
selected at random.  They should have a field like

Purpose:  traffic-analysis

If a remailer on this "ring" sees this field, it will have, say, a 90%
chance of remailing to another remailer in the ring, again, encrypted and
with the traffic-analsysis field.

This will cause a certain amount of random traffic between remailers.  A
traffic-analysis message could bounce around many times before finally
ending up in the great /dev/null.

We need two other things:  overseas remailers (for those of us who live
under US law).  Domestic (US) remailers could have their archives searched
with a searchwarant.  However, if your mail has gone accross the oceans a
few times, it would be pretty much impossible to get the neccessary warrants
and cooperation in all the countries its been through.

I'll set up a European remailer if someone else will.

The other thing we need to do is make a list of remailers and their keys and
put it up for ftp on in ~ftp/pub/cypherpunks.  In fact,
there could be an automatic service, whereby remailers automatically send
mail to a remailer at soda, listed their keys and protocols, and the soda
remailer automatically updates a remailer directory.


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