FTP site

Eric Hughes hughes at soda.berkeley.edu
Thu Dec 3 18:31:36 PST 1992

We have an anonymous FTP site.  It's at soda.berkeley.edu.  The
directory is pub/cypherpunks.  Right now there's not much in it.  A
few miscellaneous documents are in the misc/ directory.  There's an
empty directory for listings of ftp sites in other places that hold
crypto software of various forms.

But most importantly the source code to the remailer as currently
running is in there.  I'd like to see even more remailers than three.
And if you can't put up a remailer (because, to take one of the few
good examples, you don't run Unix) I'd still like people to study the

We'll eventually have weekly digests of mail traffic from the list,
but those aren't created yet.



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