Suggest splitting things up

Timothy C. May tcmay at
Wed Dec 2 21:28:56 PST 1992

Peter Shipley is one of several people suggesting this list be split
into parts. His specific idea is:

> I suggest to groups be split as suggested  but I will like to add
> that it be donw 
> cypherpunks-pgp:	pgp development
> cypherpunks-digi-cash:	digital cash
> cypherpunks:	cypherpunks-digi-cash cypherpunks-pgp (all of the above)

Splitting the list into "pgp development" and "digital cash" would
take care of the topics being discussed in the _last few days_, but
would do little for the various other "threads du jour" that have
occupied us: one-time pads, dongles, legal issues, key registration,
special purpose chips, etc.

Are we to form a new list each time something fails to fit into one
of the groups suggested?

I think there's a simpler split, should one be needed:

* cypherpunks-technical...writing software, details of dongles, math,
PERL, details of algorithms, PGP development, etc.

*cypherpunks-political...laws, debate, public policy, ethics of
encryption, spread of digital cash, etc.

*cypherpunks-announce....just the announcements of meetings, upcoming
events, important developments, etc.

Now splitting the list means more duplicate messages for those who
subscribe to both (when messages are cross-posted, as some will be),
more "missed" messages when one of the groups is not subscribed to
(resulting in "Can you send me the article....?" thrashing), and some
amount of additional work by the list administrator (Eric Hughes).

Given that a list bifurcation will only buy a savings of 2x in volume
for most people (and many will automatically take both lists), and
given that we all know factors of 2 don't count (:-}), I recommend
against splitting the list.

Besides, you never know what useful stuff will get posted in the group
you don't get. Anybody who chooses to stay ignorant of what the other
group is doing probably won't be able to contribute much to the group
he subscribes to.


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