uh oh, o-o

peter honeyman honey at citi.umich.edu
Wed Dec 2 19:29:35 PST 1992

the following remarks were transcribed from today's live satellite
broadcast from sun on object oriented technologies, hosted by john
gage.  in his introductory remarks, he said:

    I found something else that a number of you probably have read already,
    it's in a way relevant to this, about searching through large archives.

    This is John Gilmore, Sun employee number five.

    [Holding up to the camera last Saturday's NYT article.]

    This is John in his normal confrontational stance with the National
    Security Agency.

    John wanted two textbooks on cryptanalysis that were classified, then
    declassified briefly, then reclassified.

    Using good search techniques, using what Bob Kahn would call "knowledge
    robots" or "knowbots", objects searching for your bibliographic material
    on the net, John found them in a public library and that made the NSA
    very upset.

    For about three days there was a fight, this was in Saturday's New York
    Times, there was a fight until Tuesday of this week, yesterday, they
    declassified these books.

    So using object technology in some rough sense to pore through enormous
    amounts of information is a topic that may sound futuristic but it's
    very, very real, we think, and we'll talk about that.



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