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Hugh Daniel hugh at
Wed Dec 2 04:49:15 PST 1992

  As I said I would at the last 'in person' meeting I am starting up a
mail archive of usefull things for old and new Cypherpunks.  At first
we will have a few files that can requested over email, ftp and more
complex files sturctures might come later.

  The most important files that needs to get built are the FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions), the Glossary and the bibliographys.
These need to be done keeping in mind who we want to reach, the
programmer new to crypto systems and useage.
  This is a group effort, if you have a good definition of a word send
it to me, I will likely use it!  If you think you can do a great job
of describeing one of the questions from the FAQ in a page or so,
whip it out and send it to me!  I will compile/edit what ever comes my
way into the right place in the archive files.

  Once we have a good FAQ then when new folks join the list we can
send them the FAQ to read and get them up to speed that much faster.
This will mean that we will have just repetition on the main list and
therefore a better signal to noise ratio!

  So, go over the list at the end of this email message and see if
there is anything you want to tackle, and if there is write some of
that English code!

		||ugh Daniel
		Keeper of the archive for now...

Propsed contents of the Cypherpunks mail archive.



Beginers Anotated Bibliography by Subject

FAQ --- A beginers guide to Cypherpunking
	What is the cypherpunks list all about?
	Why do I need crypto?
	What is privacy?
	What are public keys?
	What is the differences between DES & RSA?
	Why can't I just use rot13?
	Why is generateing random numbers hard?
	Why do crypto in software insted of hardware?
	Why is this crypto stuff still legal?
	What journals are there on this subject?
	What are the good beginer books on crypto systems?
	What is the NSA and why does everyone seem to hate them?
	What is crypto anarchy?
	Is all I need to crypt my email?
	What are remailers and DC-Nets?
	What can I do?

	Remailer sources
	Random number generators & testers

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