Nike says: Just Do It

Karl L. Barrus barrus at
Tue Dec 1 09:18:49 PST 1992

I agree with Mark's letter: we've philosophized enough - let's
implement a digital bank.

The only thing I have to go on is a recently posted summary of a
digital cash scenario - apologizes to the poster, I don't have the
article handy and I can't remember who nicely summarized the protocol.
If that summary isn't good enough, I'll go look for more of Chaum's

I'm willing to help pull such a feat off - even if to start I (and
anybody else who wants to help!) take Email and respond by hand.  

The only high precision math routines I have are the rsa programs that
are available (see Dave Vincenzetti's (sp?) recent
message on sci.crypt) OR what I used during my crypto class for
working through various protocols: Mathematica.  Automating the
procedure can come later, and I'm willing to work with anybody in
doing that as well.  If initially the transactions are handled by hand
and Mathematica, don't expect a rapid turnaround! :-) The nice thing
about Mathematica is that I can run it remotely and don't need to be
in front of the NeXT to do it - especially since the command line
version is good enough for out purposes: high precision integer math,

I remember the protocol involved a hash (MD5 is suggested) of an input
to produce a number.  Suggestions?  Would turning the MD5 output into
a hex number be good enough?

Anyway, I'm going to work through the protocol a few times by hand and
post again with more info in a bit...

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